We’re Moving!

Posted: January 11, 2013 by slcpinball in SLC Pinball Update

We’re moving this blog and all of it’s content to slcpinball.com/blog. Hopefully this goes smoothly without losing any posts.

It’s kind of like when Pinnochio becomes a real boy. We’re moving the blog to our “real website.”

Thanks to everyone who has read and/or commented on this blog. See you at our new address!


Arguably, one of the coolest innovations on the Wizard of Oz pinball machine is the Crystal Ball. See for yourself in their video below. I’m guessing it’s a tiny screen behind the ball. It’s a small detail but definitely adds to the authenticity of the WOZ theme.

There’s a Twilight Zone TV mod with a digital picture key chain inside of a toy TV. This Crystal Ball is more impressive because of the animation.

It’s cool for the sake of being cool, but I have to wonder if it’s just there for looks or if is incorporated into the gameplay?


Halloween Pinball Pumpkins

Posted: October 31, 2012 by slcpinball in SLC Pinball Update

Why carve a scary face when you can let your pinball hobby take over pumpkin carving too?

The first carving is mine, and the rest require real talent to carve and came from google images.

Backhand shots are an essential pinball skill that can really help you out in a pinch. The ability to hit shots from either flipper is handy when you need to hit it under pressure. Backhand shots are in general safer for targets closer to the main flippers anyways.

Follow these 5 steps to Master your Backhand:

1. Cradle the ball

2. Pick your shot

3. Aim carefully

4. Let’er rip

5. Repeat, because you’re going to lose a lot of your marbles learning how to do it right.

The video below shows an especially difficult shot to make with a backhand on the game White Water. The target is just above the right slingshot, making it very risky to shoot with the left flipper. Go ahead and try, but I’ll bet your ball drains right the middle, a lot.

The hard thing about backhanding the shot in the video off the right flipper is the extreme angle. You have to get the ball to roll up onto flipper to be able to hit it.

This idea initially came from Life Hack. The website told me that if I wanted to clear up hazy car headlights, all I had to do was rub toothpaste on them:Image We were enchanted. And if you haven’t heard, I have some hazy-a$$ headlights.  Image

Our hypothesis: Toothpaste would not make my headlights as clean as the internet said they will be. 
The Materials:
Tooth brush
Slurpee cup full of water
and a Squirt Gun, of course. Just in case.ImageAfter the initial polish with the toothpaste, the headlight started looking pretty good.
The haze seemed to be clearing up. Our hypothesis seemed… plausible. I mean, the toothpaste was cleaning my headlight, but it wasn’t sparkling clean like the internet promised.
We weren’t satisfied. We wanted this headlight to be straight up Wizard-Status.
We got out our bottle of Novus 3, its purpose being the removal of tough scratches on the playfield of a Pinball machine. It’s known to be some pretty powerful, abrasive stuff. See how it says the word “HEAVY” like 4 times right on the bottle?  Image

Our Hypothesis: This was either going to shine my headlights or set them on fire. I was ready and anxious for either or both to happen.
We greased up our elbows and started cleaning half of the other headlight to see if our new hypothesis was correct…ImageThe before and after here certainly looks like a big change. We were definitely on to something:ImageThe final result was impressive; it put the toothpaste to shame. To SHAME!ImageLights on or lights off, the answer was clear. Novus 3 definitely cleans a hazy headlight much better than toothpaste. I know what I’m brushing my teeth with tonight!

Jersey Jack Pinball just released a montage showing off the LED lights on the Wizard of Oz pinball machine. Enjoy.

They look pretty good. I’ll reserve full judgment until I’ve had a chance to play the game. So long as they complement the gameplay, they’re cool with me. I hope it’s not just for the sake of doing it though. I haven’t been overly impressed with LED replacements on other games. They sometimes give me a headache and the color changing ones are kind of goofy looking. Everyone will of course have their own opinion.Uh oh…am I turning into a crotchety old man set in his pinball ways.

So, how do you feel about the LEDs? And the color changing ones?

So there are rumors on the web that Jersey Jack might team up with Elvira to create a 3rd game. Supposedly Elvira was on board but it’s only talk up until now. That’s enough to put hope into the hearts of Elvira pinball fans.

Let’s consider the facts.

  • Dennis Nordman designed both Scared Stiff and Party Monsters.
  • Greg Freres was the playfield artist for both games.
  • Both talented dudes are part of the Jersey Jack team.
  • Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) mentioned that she would be game for making a 3rd pinball machine so long as the same guys who made the other two were involved.

Does 2+2=Elvira 3?

For myself, I love the Scared Stiff game and hope this comes true. I don’t think you can compare this to currently awaited Wizard of Oz pinball like a lot do. A comparison of theme is probably only valid in a few cases e.g. Shrek and Family Guy. Scared Stiff pinball was my introduction to Elvira. I like the game, but it’s my wife who has mentioned that we should own that game. Ha! What a great wife!

I’m very interested in playing Elvira and the Party Monsters but have never seen one on location in Utah. Although, a few months back one showed up for sale in the classifieds. If you happen to know of one leave a comment.

Here’s a few ideas of what Elvira 3 could be named: (All G rated–this is a family blog)

  1. Elvira’s Naughty Nightmare
  2. Elvira’s Terrifying Tales
  3. Elvira and Macabre Mayhem

Leave your Elvira 3 name suggestions in the comment field.